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The Menu Bar: Episode 05 - Context Collapse, With Sonya Mann

Sonya Mann joins Zac and Andrew to discuss crypto currency diet philosophies, Netflix's ratings system, Apple's potential streaming play, peak Apple, whether or not Steve Jobs was a monster, the potential for blockchain to change the world, how having kids effects Zac's worldview about tech, the increasing difficulty of communicating online, toeing ideological lines, the next step in human evolution, one giant wave, determinism V free will, and the danger of tying a company with your identity.

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The Menu Bar: Episode 04 - Make Mac Great Again, With Marco Arment

Marco Arment joins Zac and Andrew at the bar to talk about Ads vs Patreon, the end game for social networks, the trouble you get into for criticizing Apple, iPod as the new Vinyl, and the very sad state of affairs with newer MacBook keyboards.

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The Menu Bar: Episode 03: The Solution of No Solution, With Dan Masters

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The Menu Bar: Episode 01 - The Return


Lights on, drinks poured - welcome back to The Menu Bar! Zac and Andrew find out what’s been happening these past 3 years, the rebirth of Nintendo, and what the heck is happening with Apple?! It’s a packed episode harkening back to classic TMB... what are you drinking?

Zac drank a Seagram's Ginger Ale

Andrew drank a Banrock Station Moscato

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