What's this all about?

A few years ago, I embarked to create a different kind of technology podcast with my dear friend Andrew J Clark. Over the course of those 40 episodes or so, I fell in love with what we created together. A place where he and I could ramble on and expand beyond the confines of Twitter. And especially, a place where we could invite friends in the technology world to have a drink and discuss everything from weekly tech developments, to movies, to general life stuff. Anything was possible. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my control, I had to exit as co-host. It was never my intention for the show to end, but end it did.

We ended on a high note. We weren't the biggest technology podcast, but we had a dedicated, intelligent audience who were always highly engaged with the show. It was a positive time in my life. When I talk to folks who used to listen, they tell me nothing has ever quite filled the void that we occupied in our brief, but glorious stint.

I hope that with your support on Patreon, I can get this show alive and kicking again.

Zac Cichy