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State Of The Bar - 10 Episodes!

Making a thing is difficult.

What is even harder than that is making a thing each and every week. This is one of so many reasons that we are glad to celebrate hitting our 10th episode at the bar!

After what feels like a very short time The Menu Bar has grown into something "real". Real in the sense that there are patrons who visit the bar each and every week, who talk about it on twitter, who contribute ideas and feedback. It's no longer just the two of us sitting and chatting each week - it is a vibrant little community. This means the world to us.

Some stats: We have now spent 13 hours and 21 minutes at the bar. The bar opened 58 days ago. There has been a total of 15 alcoholic drinks served. None drank by Zac.

So, from the butt's of our hearts… thank YOU so much for listening! We are super excited to have made it to double digits, and we are even more excited about what will be happening next at the bar.

What things you ask? These things!

  • We are starting to post more to the wall, and are beginning to take it more seriously, viewing it as a partner to the main episodes.
  • We are talking to more guests and thinking up interesting ways to bring people, friends, patrons, idols, and other podcasts to the bar.
  • We are brainstorming some cool ideas for other things we can do at the bar. We would like to do a call in show where we talk to as many of our most awesomest patrons in an hour - World Wide Menu Bar!
  • Andrew would like to do a poker night where a panel of guests comes to the bar and plays, well, poker. Still trying to figure out how that could possibly work.

We had a bar meeting several episodes ago and talked about better ways to interact with the patron community. The general feeling we got from the feedback is that twitter is the main place for that conversation, but we are going to experiment with using SoundCloud so that sections are comment-able and more easily citable: www.themenubar.net/soundcloud

Andrew says:

I have made a lot of things. Comic books. Animations. Documentaries. Short films. The common theme of all of these projects has been that, ultimately, I end up trading some of my own soul to complete them. Time. Attention. Life. Something is traded, and energy is lost in the conversion.

The Menu Bar is the first thing I have ever been involved in where, each week, I feel that I am enriched by it. It hasn't required me to whip teams into action, or barter favours to borrow cameras. All it's required is me to sit, have a drink, and talk to my best friend.

Zac says:

I start things I never finish. I've dabbled in all sorts of creative endeavors. There is a person who changed all that for me. Enter: Andrew J Clark into my life. I'm honored to call this guy my best friend.

I can honestly say that nothing I have done compares to what Andrew, The Menu Bar and you the patrons give me every week. With each passing episode, I find myself more convinced that we are on the right track.

It has been my long time wish to do something different. To push the conversations we have about technology a little further and a little deeper. It turns out that for years, I've been doing it wrong. I was always trying to rig the outcome as opposed to making room for opportunity to flourish. The greatest things are never truly finished. They are an ongoing conversation. And with The Menu Bar, I think we're just getting started.

Thankyou for listening.