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Zac Cichy (licensed Soothsayer) WWDC 2013 predictions

On Episode 009a Zac lists his predictions and wishes for WWDC 2013 (currently 14 hours away). Here they are for posterity and retrospective LOLs:

  1. A discussion of maps, if not a Maps 2.0
  2. Andrew will be visible in a store opening video
  3. Siri offline, more 3rd party integration
  4. OS X will be called Sealion or no name at all
  5. Airdrop on iOS
  6. Maps and Siri on OS X
  7. No iOS hardware, nor an Apple TV update
  8. iOS 7 better keyboard control
  9. Mac Pro redesign, maybe use thunderbolt for expandability
  10. Insane theory: Arm on Mac Pro
  11. "Flat UI" will not be flat, just more focused
  12. Linen will be replaced, Avenir will be used but not the default font
  13. iRadio will be more like Pandora, less like Spotify, and a bigger deal than is currently being imagined
  14. Insane theory: iRadio will integrate podcasts in some way

Episode 009b will be recorded a few hours after the keynote and will be uploaded post-haste! Please bug @andrewjclark until it's up.