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Bar Terms

Friend of the bar and Call-In-Show-Guest Allister Jenks sent us this bit of genius - a glossary of Bar Terms! We've added a few to it but invite our valued patrons to do the same.

  1. Patron: A valued listener.
  2. Friend Of The Bar: A person who has visited the bar.
  3. Side Bar: When Zac or Andrew mention something then won't discuss it on the show.
  4. Re Bar: Strengthening the podcast by bringing up past topics again.
  5. Fu Bar: Episode 16.
  6. Dis Bar: Talk about someone disparagingly on the show, so they will never be a guest.
  7. Mini Bar: A 15 minute guest slot, such as on Episode 16.
  8. Bar None: The show for the first week of August.
  9. Bar-o-meter: The download stats we said we would not check.
  10. 5-Bar-5: Referring to 5by5 promo code's mid conversation.

Send your suggestions for other terms to @themenubar. This is a living document.